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a Prince and a Princess's apprentice. HE, a soldier in the service of his Majesty, always studious, made captain for saving three little princesses of the dangers of the forest (forest without Wolf and witch decidedly not funny), married, widowed and had two sons young pupils to create. "Who will help me? Who will help me ...? Who ...? " A no-show candidate brave for serious commitment (wicked stepmother has always secret list of boarding schools), poor guy, was father and mother at the same time. Worked, took in school, worked, would get at school ... Until stories he told, but exaggerating, including physical phenomena such as optical mirrors, speakers and chemical experiments, to turn apples in mice stricken – children felt was fear. SHE, a little studant of "third party science numbers", knew little of life, very young yet. (There were three younger sisters and fragile too.) How to be surrogate mother of two school-age children next to her? Should have faced – the courage and the audacity always missing for the woman in these hours of ' I-won't-ai,-my-God?!...” The Prince tried to approach the Princess's apprentice, without interest just by a sweet sympathy and affection, but there was in her house a fierce Dragon, nostrils-Gale ", which breathed fire lusitano and soon ended the dream party. Without any hope, HE gave up. The Prince traveled to distant lands, almost Princess was little by little leaving apprentice, already crowned with a tiara, gold and girls blue stones. Turned teacher and, as we put it, "got married and changed". Many years have passed ... Princess out of the father's House-Dragon-King, Castle full of mysterious labyrinths and many stairs. He married, had a daughter, Maria white Moon. In a few years, three failures: flowers have wilted, foot the table broke, husband died. One day, a bartering of phone contacts, a school for another, identified himself as Princess ANASTASIA (strong name, such as the Russian princess missing!) and the person on the other side yelled a little air happy: "you're the friend lost my brother WILLIAM for many years." Ih, when Prince's sister is sweet, so is because he spoke in Lady with enthusiasm. And as he spoke. Miss > enthusiasm. ("... greater than ..." Unwittingly, math class?) He was no longer a soldier, the Dragon lost much their powers and the way it seemed now free to love. Ended up talking, even from afar, Crusaders tickets through the spout of a dove (which actually was a fairy), then live each came astride his own horse, trotting next to each other ... hearts in the same rhythm. Tum-Tum-tchibum ... Two horses? It wasn't a good idea yet. The ideal is a horse, white (in every fairy tale is so ...), the lady holding the waist of the brave gentleman ... Oh, and you have to have a sword and a lute. In another day, each took the other to your desktop. On her site, just another teacher who in two minutes immediately approved the couple. In his place, several young women interested, but not received from all evil visitor – smiles ... They didn't have to disapprove. HE and SHE took an afternoon for a walk alone. Told about the eighteen years of absence, walked barefoot on the beach (important reality, that is, your feet on the ground!), laughed a lot, toasted with champagne a first kiss ... He came to her house, small castle painted green, his favorite color (even the decent flirt always have labia), why doubt? One of those parties where the whole family meets, Prince came to visit the Princess. A lot of people in sincere cordiality, he recalled former cheerful moments of conviviality with the Sisters of them participated in wine and refined dances. Dragon up cordial now. Many friendly conversations and laughter. The other day they were walking on foot, without horses. Or one horse? Not sure because in the world of assorted comic books anything can happen ... Began to feel so much peace and happiness in this reunion almost after two decades. (Nothing in life is by chance, eyes and ears open realize "the place and the time" accurate.) All of a sudden, strong and strange rain only on the head of the two, more like divine blessing because water is purifying element, always. Where to find a safe haven? Entered a Catholic Church, holding hands and happy smiles. Generally, God bless. (The reader has options of walks to choose from ... because life is like this: or this or that, give or take.Preferably, let it be a happy ending!) At the altar on the left side (side of the heart), Santo Antônio, playful since Portugal and Italy, then winked. Undefined story? Because it is a nice bug landed on his shoulder and a voice came out of nowhere (Yes, because Angels speak!) "Hope springs eternal." THE END
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Comentários dos leitores

WONDERFUL! A princesa e eu não temos um inglês fluente e exibitório, você sabe muito bem, mas fiquei emocionada com esse trabalho lindo. Parabéns!

Postado por lucia maria em 09-02-2014


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